10 facts about me

Hi, and welcome to my blog.  Since I’m new to the “new” blogging community and didn’t want to do a boring ass intro, here are ten (10) facts to break the ice.

  1. I love pretzels.  Not the soft kind either; good ole hard pretzels (Snyder’s of Hanover where you at!).
  2. I have two pets: a black Shih-Tzu named Coco and a beta fish named Oscar.  They might make appearances on this blog eventually.
  3. I currently work at a photo lab.  I’m the film specialist there.
  4. My bachelor degree is in art (Fine Art Photography).
  5. I love to shoot film, mostly black and white film but recently I’ve been shooting color films. (see a pattern here).
  6. I hate summer.
  7. I love autumn.
  8. I’m a native Baltimorean who can’t stand the hometown teams (Baltimore Orioles and Baltimore Ravens).
  9. I’m crafty.
  10. I need to be less of a perfectionist and worry less so I can get shit done.

So, with that out of the way, I going to take a big leap and see where this goes.  Until next time..

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